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Responding to ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) in the UK: woodland composition and replacement tree speciesBroome, A; Ray, D; Mitchell, R; Harmer, RAsh Dieback (Disease)2019AshForestry921108–119View
Ecological impacts of ash dieback and mitigation methodsBroome, Alice; Mitchell, Ruth JAsh Dieback (Disease)2017AshForestry Commission Research Note29View
Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus, the causal agent of European ash diebackGross, Andrin; Holdenrieder, Ottmar; Pautasso, Marco; Queloz, Valentin; Sieber, Thomas NiklausAsh Dieback (Disease)2014AshMolecular Plant Pathology1515–21View
The £15 billion cost of ash dieback in BritainHill, Louise; Jones, Glyn; Atkinson, Nick; Hector, Andy; Hemery, Gabriel; Brown, NickAsh Dieback (Disease)2019AshCurrent Biology299R315–R316View
Ash dieback in the UK: A review of the ecological and conservation implications and potential management optionsMitchell, R. J.; Beaton, J. K.; Bellamy, P. E.; Broome, A.; Chetcuti, J.; Eaton, S.; Ellis, C. J.; Gimona, A.; Harmer, R.; Hester, A. J.; Hewison, R. L.; Hodgetts, N. G.; Iason, G. R.; Kerr, G.; Littlewood, N. A.; Newey, S.; Potts, J. M.; Pozsgai, G.; Ray, D.; Sim, D. A.; Stockan, J. A.; Taylor, A. F. S.; Woodward, S.Ash Dieback (Disease)2014AshBiological Conservation17595–109View
Dieback of European ash (Fraxinus spp.) - consequences and guidelines for sustainable management.Vasaitis, R.; Enderle, R.Ash Dieback (Disease)2017Ash1-299
Individual resistance of Fraxinus angustifolia and F. excelsior clones to Hymenoscyphus fraxineusAdamčíková, Katarína; Pažitný, Jozef; Pastircakova, KatarínaAsh Dieback (Tree Improvement)2018AshJournal of Plant Protection Research583227–233View
Adaptation of ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) to climate changeClark, J. R.Ash Dieback (Tree Improvement)2013AshPhD Thesis, Bangor University
The ash resource and the response to ash dieback in Great BritainClark, J.; Webber, J.Ash Dieback (Tree Improvement)2017AshDieback of European Ash228–237
Ash Trees for the Future?Clark, JoAsh Dieback (Tree Improvement)2017AshQuarterly Journal of Forestry1112117–119View
The Living Ash Project: A New Breeding Programme for AshClark, JoAsh Dieback (Tree Improvement)2014AshQuarterly Journal of Forestry1083185-187
Susceptibility of autochthonous German Fraxinus excelsior clones to Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus is genetically determinedEnderle, Rasmus; Nakou, Aikaterini; Thomas, Kristina; Metzler, BertholdAsh Dieback (Tree Improvement)2015AshAnnals of Forest Science722183–193View
Temporal development of ash dieback symptoms and spatial distribution of collar rots in a provenance trial of Fraxinus excelsiorEnderle, Rasmus; Peters, Franziska; Nakou, Aikaterini; Metzler, BertholdAsh Dieback (Tree Improvement)2013AshEuropean Journal of Forest Research1326-May865-876View
Will natural resistance result in populations of ash trees remaining in British woodlands after a century of ash dieback disease?Evans, Matthew R.Ash Dieback (Tree Improvement)2019AshRoyal Society Open Science68View
Molecular markers for tolerance of European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) to dieback disease identified using Associative TranscriptomicsHarper, Andrea L.; McKinney, Lea Vig; Nielsen, Lene Rostgaard; Havlickova, Lenka; Li, Yi; Trick, Martin; Fraser, Fiona; Wang, Lihong; Fellgett, Alison; Sollars, Elizabeth S. A.; Janacek, Sophie H.; Downie, J. Allan; Buggs, Richard. J. A.; Kjær, Erik Dahl; Bancroft, IanAsh Dieback (Tree Improvement)2016AshScientific Reports6119335View
Differences in susceptibility to ash dieback in Czech provenances of Fraxinus excelsiorHavrdová, L.; Novotná, K.; Zahradník, D.; Buriánek, V.; Pešková, V.; Šrůtka, P.; Černý, K.Ash Dieback (Tree Improvement)2016AshForest Pathology464281-288View
Adaptive potential of ash (Fraxinus excelsior) populations against the novel emerging pathogen Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus: Adaptive potential of F. excelsiorKjaer, Erik Dahl; McKinney, Lea Vig; Nielsen, Lene Rostgaard; Hansen, Lars Nørgaard; Hansen, Jon KehletAsh Dieback (Tree Improvement)2012AshEvolutionary Applications53219-228View
Screening ash for ChalaraLee, S. J.Ash Dieback (Tree Improvement)2016AshAsh Newsletter4-Jan
Genetic variation in dieback resistance in Fraxinus excelsior confirmed by progeny inoculation assayLobo, A.; McKinney, L. V.; Hansen, J. K.; Kjaer, E. D.; Nielsen, L. R.Ash Dieback (Tree Improvement)2015AshForest Pathology455379–387View
The ash dieback crisis: genetic variation in resistance can prove a long-term solutionMcKinney, L. V.; Nielsen, L. R.; Collinge, D. B.; Thomsen, I. M.; Hansen, J. K.; Kjaer, E. D.Ash Dieback (Tree Improvement)2014AshPlant Pathology633485–499View
Identifying Fraxinus excelsior tolerant to ash dieback: Visual field monitoring versus a molecular markerMenkis, Audrius; Bakys, Remigijus; Stein AAslund, Matilda; Davydenko, Kateryna; Elfstrand, Malin; Stenlid, Jan; Vasaitis, RimvydasAsh Dieback (Tree Improvement)2019AshForest Pathology501e12572View
Development of Ash dieback in a provenance trial on different sites in southern GermanyMetzler, B.; Enderle, R.; Karopka, M.; Töpfner, K.; Aldinger, E.Ash Dieback (Tree Improvement)2012AshAllgemeine Forst-und Jagdzeitung1838-Jul168-180
Rising Out of the Ashes: Additive Genetic Variation for Crown and Collar Resistance to Hymenoscyphus fraxineus in Fraxinus excelsiorMuñoz, Facundo; Marçais, Benoît; Dufour, Jean; Dowkiw, ArnaudAsh Dieback (Tree Improvement)2016AshPhytopathology106121535-1543View
Genetic variation of Fraxinus excelsior half-sib families in response to ash dieback disease following simulated spring frost and summer drought treatmentsPliûra, A; Lygis, V; Marčiulyniene, D; Suchockas, V; Bakys, RAsh Dieback (Tree Improvement)2016AshiForest9112–22View
The viability of a breeding programme for ash in the British Isles in the face of ash diebackPlumb, William J.; Coker, Timothy L. R.; Stocks, Jonathan J.; Woodcock, Paul; Quine, Christopher P.; Nemesio‐Gorriz, Miguel; Douglas, Gerry C.; Kelly, Laura J.; Buggs, Richard J. A.Ash Dieback (Tree Improvement)2020AshPlants, People, Planet2129–40View
Diversity of secoiridoid glycosides in leaves of UK and Danish ash provide new insight for ash dieback managementSidda, John D.; Song, Lijiang; Parker, Jack L.; Studholme, David J.; Sambles, Christine; Grant, MurrayAsh Dieback (Tree Improvement)2020AshScientific Reports1019566View
A first assessment of Fraxinus excelsior (common ash) susceptibility to Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (ash dieback) throughout the British IslesStocks, Jonathan J.; Buggs, Richard J. A.; Lee, Steve J.Ash Dieback (Tree Improvement)2017AshScientific Reports711–7View
Genomic basis of European ash tree resistance to ash dieback fungusStocks, Jonathan J.; Metheringham, Carey L.; Plumb, William J.; Lee, Steve J.; Kelly, Laura J.; Nichols, Richard A.; Buggs, Richard J. A.Ash Dieback (Tree Improvement)2019AshNature Ecology & Evolution31686–1696View
Climate change and the future for broadleaved tree species in BritainBroadmeadow, M. S. J.; Ray, D.; Samuel, C. J. A.Climate Change2005GeneralForestry782145–161View
Changed thinning regimes may increase carbon stock under climate change: A case study from a Finnish boreal forestGarcia-Gonzalo, Jordi; Peltola, Heli; Briceño-elizondo, Elemer; Kellomäki, SeppoClimate Change2007GeneralClimatic Change814-Mar431–454View
Growing scattered broadleaved tree species in Europe in a changing climate: a review of risks and opportunitiesHemery, G. E.; Clark, J. R.; Aldinger, E.; Claessens, H.; Malvolti, M. E.; O'connor, E.; Raftoyannis, Y.; Savill, P. S.; Brus, R.Climate Change2010GeneralForestry83165–81View
Climate change: impacts and adaptation in England's woodlandsRay, Duncan; Morison, James; Broadmeadow, MarkClimate Change2010GeneralForestry Commission Research Note201View
Genetic considerations for provenance choice of native trees under climate change in EnglandWhittet, Richard; Cavers, Stephen; Ennos, Richard; Cottrell, JoanClimate Change2019GeneralForestry Commission Research ReportView
Preparing for Climate Change: Forestry and Assisted MigrationWilliams, Mary I.; Dumroese, R. KastenClimate Change2013GeneralJournal of Forestry1114287–297View
A framework for modeling adaptive forest management and decision making under climate changeYousefpour, Rasoul; Temperli, Christian; Jacobsen, Jette Bredahl; Thorsen, Bo Jellesmark; Meilby, Henrik; Lexer, Manfred J.; Lindner, Marcus; Bugmann, Harald; Borges, Jose G.; Palma, João H. N.; Ray, Duncan; Zimmermann, Niklaus E.; Delzon, Sylvain; Kremer, Antoine; Kramer, Koen; Reyer, Christopher P. O.; Lasch-Born, Petra; Garcia-Gonzalo, Jordi; Hanewinkel, MarcClimate Change2017GeneralEcology and Society22440View
First Multisite Clonal Test of Wild Cherry (Prunus avium L.) in BelgiumCurnel, Y.; Jacques, D.; Nanson, A.Clonal Trials2003CherrySilvae Genetica52245-52
First evaluation of growth parameters in clonal test with wild cherryHajnala, M.; Lstibůrek, M.; Kobliha, J.Clonal Trials2007CherryJournal of Forest Science53257-65
An evaluation of five Wildstar clones of Prunus avium L.Kerr, Gary; Rose, DavidClonal Trials2004CherryQuarterly Journal of Forestry984263-271
Variability of wood properties in two wild cherry clonal trialsNocetti, Michela; Brunetti, Michele; Ducci, Fulvio; Romagnoli, Manuela; Santi, FrédériqueClonal Trials2010CherryWood Science and Technology444621-637View
Genetic Parameters and Selection in a Multisite Wild Cherry Clonal TestSanti, F.; Muranty, H.; Dufour, J.; Paques, L. E.Clonal Trials1998CherrySilvae Genetica473-Feb61-67
Additive and non-additive genetic parameters for multipurpose traits in a clonally replicated incomplete factorial test of Castanea spp.Míguez-Soto, B.; López-Villamor, A.; Fernández-López, J.Clonal Trials2016Sweet ChestnutTree Genetics & Genomes12347View
Mitigating pest and pathogen impacts using resistant trees: a framework and overview to inform development and deployment in Europe and North AmericaWoodcock, Paul; Cottrell, Joan E.; Buggs, Richard J. A.; Quine, Christopher P.Disease Resistance2018GeneralForestry9111–16View
Resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi in Castanea spp. is under moderately high genetic control mainly because of additive genetic varianceLópez-Villamor, A.; Fernández-López, J.; Míguez-Soto, B.; Sánchez, M. E.Disease Resistance2018Sweet ChestnutEuphytica21412230View
The Future of Chestnut Breeding Work in TurkeySoylu, A.; Mert, C.Disease Resistance2009Sweet ChestnutActa Horticulturae81527–32View
Likely increases in volume and revenue from planting genetically improved Sitka spruceLee, S. J.End of Rotation Gains1992Sitka SpruceSuper sitka for the 90'sView
An indication of the likely volume gains from improved Sitka spruce planting stockLee, S. J.; Matthews, R.End of Rotation Gains2004Sitka SpruceForestry Commission Information Note55View
Common Ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.)Douglas, Gerry C.; Pliura, Alfas; Dufour, Jean; Mertens, Patrick; Jacques, Dominique; Fernandez-Manjares, Jean; Buiteveld, Joukje; Parnuta, Gheorghe; Tudoroiu, Marin; Curnel, Yannik; Thomasset, Muriel; Jensen, Viggo; Knudsen, Morten A.; Foffová, Elena; Chandelier, Anne; Steenackers, MarijkeGeneral2013AshForest Tree Breeding in Europe25403-462View
Biological Flora of the British Isles: Fraxinus excelsiorThomas, Peter A.General2016AshJournal of Ecology10441158–1209View
Outcomes From 15 Years of Hardwoods Research At the Northmoor TrustClark, Jo; Hemery, GabrielGeneral2009Ash, Cherry, OakQuarterly Journal of Forestry103212–219
Managing birch woodlands for the production of quality timberCameron, A.General1996BirchForestry694357–371View
A review of the genetics of BetulaEriksson, Gösta; Jonsson, AlenaGeneral1986BirchScandinavian Journal of Forest Research14-Jan421–434View
Silviculture of birch (Betula pendula Roth and Betula pubescens Ehrh.) in Northern EuropeHynynen, J.; Niemistö, P.; Viherä-Aarnio, A.; Brunner, A.; Hein, S.; Velling, P.General2010BirchForestry831103–119View
A review of the promises and constraints of breeding silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) in FinlandKoski, Veikko; Rousi, MattiGeneral2005BirchForestry782187–198View
Growing Birch in Scotland for Higher Quality TimberPrice, Andrew; Macdonald ElspethGeneral2012BirchForest Research Timber Development Programme26-JanView
Genetic variation and breeding strategy of birch in FinlandViherä-Aarnio, A.General1994BirchNorwegian Journal of Agricultural Sciences1819–26
Wild Cherry Breeding (Prunus avium L.)Ducci, Fulvio; De Cuyper, Bart; De Rogatis, Anna; Dufour, Jean; Santi, FréderiqueGeneral2013CherryForest Tree Breeding in Europe25463-511View
Wild cherry (Prunus avium L.) breeding program aimed at the use of this tree in the Czech forestryKobliha, J.General2002CherryJournal of Forest Science485202-218View
Phenotypic correlations among wood properties and growth in wild cherry plantationsNocetti, Michela; Brunetti, Michele; Ducci, Fulvio; Romagnoli, Manuela; Rozenberg, Philippe; Santi, FrédériqueGeneral2012CherryBioResources733160-3174
EUFORGEN Technical Guidelines for genetic conservation and use for wild cherry (Prunus avium)Russell, KarenGeneral2003Cherry
Principles of Plant BreedingAllard, Robert W.General1960General485View
Economic Evaluations of Tree Improvement for Planted Forests: A Systematic ReviewChang, Wei-Yew; Wang, Shuo; Gaston, Chris; Cool, Julie; An, Henry; Thomas, Barb R.General2019GeneralBioProducts Business4114-JanView
The Importance of Plus-Tree Selection in the Improvement of HardwoodsClark, Jo; Wilson, TedGeneral2005GeneralQuarterly Journal of Forestry99145–50
Successful tree breeding with index selectionCotterill, P. P.; Dean, C. A.General1990GeneralView
Introduction to Quantative GeneticsFalconer, D. S.General1989GeneralView
Principles of Population GeneticsHartl, Daniel L.; Clark, Andrew G.General1997GeneralView
Broadleaved tree breeding in ScotlandHubert, J.; Worrell, R.; Wilson, S. McG.; Clark, J.; Russell, K.; Taylor, H.; Malcolm, D. C.General2010GeneralScottish Forestry6436–11View
A review of the relative roles of silviculture and tree breeding in tree improvement: The example of Sitka spruce in Britain and possible lessons for hardwood breedingHubert, Jason; Lee, SteveGeneral2005GeneralForestry782109–120View
The genetic and economic gains from forest tree breeding programmes in Scandinavia and FinlandJansson, Gunnar; Hansen, Jon Kehlet; Haapanen, Matti; Kvaalen, Harald; Steffenrem, ArneGeneral2017GeneralScandinavian Journal of Forest Research324273-286View
Thinking about the economics of genetic resource management for Canadian forestryMcKenney, DanGeneral2001GeneralThe Forestry Chronicle771105-109View
Introduction to Quantitative genetics in ForestryNamkoong, GeneGeneral1979GeneralUSDA Forest Service Technical Bulletin1588342View
An economic evaluation of alternative genetic improvement strategies for farm woodland treesPalmer, H.; Newton, A. C.; Doyle, C. J.; Thomson, S.; Stewart, L. E. D.General1998GeneralForestry714333–348View
Forest Tree Breeding in EuropePäques, L. E. (ed)General2013General527View
Approaches in Great Britain and Ireland to the genetic improvement of broadleaved treesSavill, P. S.; Fennessy, J.; Samuel, C. J. A.General2005GeneralForestry782163–173View
Genetic Gains from Different Kinds of Breeding Population and Seed or Plant Production PopulationShelbourne, C. J. A.General1992GeneralSouth African Forestry Journal160149–65View
Tree Improvement – 50 years of Tree Breeding in BritainVariousGeneral1998GeneralView
Forest GeneticsWhite, T. L.; Adam, W. T.; Neale, D. B.General2007General682View
A conceptual framework for tree improvement programsWhite, Timothy L.General1987GeneralNew Forests14325–342View
Introduction to Forest GeneticsWright, JonathanGeneral1976General480View
Applied Forest Tree ImprovementZobel, B. J.; Talbert, J. T.General1984General505View
Oak breeding in the NetherlandsClark, Jo; Fennessy, JohnGeneral2014OakQuarterly Journal of Forestry108138–42
Quercus petraea and Quercus robur: recent genetic researchEriksson, GöstaGeneral2015OakView
Improving Oak: the First Steps Towards a Breeding ProgrammeHubert, Jason; Savill, PeterGeneral1999OakQuarterly Journal of Forestry932117-125View
Oaks: an evolutionary success storyKremer, Antoine; Hipp, Andrew L.General2020OakNew Phytologist2264987–1011View
Oak genome reveals facets of long lifespanPlomion, Christophe; Aury, Jean-Marc; Amselem, Joëlle; Leroy, Thibault; Murat, Florent; Duplessis, Sébastien; Faye, Sébastien; Francillonne, Nicolas; Labadie, Karine; Le Provost, Grégoire; Lesur, Isabelle; Bartholomé, Jérôme; Faivre-Rampant, Patricia; Kohler, Annegret; Leplé, Jean-Charles; Chantret, Nathalie; Chen, Jun; Diévart, Anne; Alaeitabar, Tina; Barbe, Valérie; Belser, Caroline; Bergès, Hélène; Bodénès, Catherine; Bogeat-Triboulot, Marie-Béatrice; Bouffaud, Marie-Lara; Brachi, Benjamin; Chancerel, Emilie; Cohen, David; Couloux, Arnaud; Da Silva, Corinne; Dossat, Carole; Ehrenmann, François; Gaspin, Christine; Grima-Pettenati, Jacqueline; Guichoux, Erwan; Hecker, Arnaud; Herrmann, Sylvie; Hugueney, Philippe; Hummel, Irène; Klopp, Christophe; Lalanne, Céline; Lascoux, Martin; Lasserre, Eric; Lemainque, Arnaud; Desprez-Loustau, Marie-Laure; Luyten, Isabelle; Madoui, Mohammed-Amin; Mangenot, Sophie; Marchal, Clémence; Maumus, Florian; Mercier, Jonathan; Michotey, Célia; Panaud, Olivier; Picault, Nathalie; Rouhier, Nicolas; Rué, Olivier; Rustenholz, Camille; Salin, Franck; Soler, Marçal; Tarkka, Mika; Velt, Amandine; Zanne, Amy E.; Martin, Francis; Wincker, Patrick; Quesneville, Hadi; Kremer, Antoine; Salse, JérômeGeneral2018OakNature Plants47440–452View
A plan for the improvement of Sitka spruce by breeding and selectionFletcher, A. M. F.; Faulkner, R.General1972Sitka SpruceForestry Commission Research and Development Paper85
Selection of parents for the Sitka spruce breeding population in Britain and the strategy for the next breeding cycleLee, S. J.General2001Sitka SpruceForestry742129-143View
Finalizing the selection of parents for the Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr) breeding population in Britain using Mixed Model AnalysisLee, S. J.; Connolly, T.General2010Sitka SpruceForestry834423-431View
Improved Sitka spruce planting stock; seedlings from a clonal seed orchard or cuttings from full-sibling families?Lee, S. J.; Watt, G.General2012Sitka SpruceScottish Forestry66218-25View
Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr)Lee, Steve; Thompson, David; Hansen, Jon KehletGeneral2013Sitka SpruceForest Tree Breeding in Europe25177-227View
Breeding and Production of Conifers – Sitka spruceLopez, GustavoGeneral2019Sitka Spruce
Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.)OECDGeneral2006Sitka SpruceSafety Assessment of Transgenic Organisms, Volume 2136-174View
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Choice of sitka spruce seed origins for use in British forestsSamuel, C. J. A.; Fletcher,, A. M.; Lines, R.General2007Sitka SpruceForestry Commission Bulletin1271-128View
Development of improved Sitka spruce for IrelandThompson, DavidGeneral2013Sitka SpruceIrish Forestry702-Jan104-118
Nursery SurveyVariousGeneralAnnualSitka SpruceView
Sitka SpruceVariousGeneral1987Sitka SpruceProceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Section B: Biological Sciences932-Jan1-234View
The coppice chestnut industry in Northern Italy and South East EnglandBartlett, DeborahGeneral2016Sweet ChestnutQuarterly Journal of Forestry110151-55
Chestnut: botany, horticulture, and utilizationBounous, Giancarlo; Torello-Marinoni, DanielaGeneral2005Sweet ChestnutHorticultural Reviews31291-347
Chestnut in the United Kingdom: Forest area, management and utilisation as timberBraden, Nigel; Russell, KarenGeneral2001Sweet ChestnutForest, Snow and Landscape Research763505-510
The cultivation of Castanea sativa (Mill.) in Europe, from its origin to its diffusion on a continental scaleConedera, M.; Krebs, P.; Tinner, W.; Pradella, M.; Torriani, D.General2004Sweet ChestnutVegetation History and Archaeobotany133View
Castanea sativa in Europe: distribution, habitat, usage and threatsDe Rigo, Daniele; Tinner, Willy; Conedera, Marco; Krebs, Patrik; Caudullo, GiovanniGeneral2016Sweet ChestnutEuropean Atlas of Forest Tree Species78-79View
Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) in Britain: Re-assessment of its Status as a Roman ArchaeophyteJarman, R.; Hazell, Z.; Campbell, G.; Webb, J.; Chambers, F.M.General2019Sweet ChestnutBritannia5049-74View
Unraveling the naturalness of sweet chestnut forests (Castanea sativa Mill.) in central SpainLópez-Sáez, José Antonio; Glais, Arthur; Robles-López, Sandra; Alba-Sánchez, Francisca; Pérez-Díaz, Sebastián; Abel-Schaad, Daniel; Luelmo-Lautenschlaeger, ReyesGeneral2017Sweet ChestnutVegetation History and Archaeobotany262167-182View
A review of growth and stand dynamics of Acer pseudoplatanus L. in Europe: implications for silvicultureHein, S.; Collet, C.; Ammer, C.; Goff, N. L.; Skovsgaard, J. P.; Savill, P.General2009SycamoreForestry824361–385View
Sycamore Maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.)Krabel, Doris; Wolf, HeinoGeneral2013SycamoreForest Tree Breeding in Europe25373-402View
The ecology and biodiversity value of sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus L) with particular reference to Great BritainLeslie, AndrewGeneral2005SycamoreScottish Forestry59319–26
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Breeding without breeding: selection using the genomic best linear unbiased predictor method (GBLUP)El-Kassaby, Yousry A.; Klápště, Jaroslav; Guy, Robert D.Genetics and Genomics2012GeneralNew Forests436-May631-637View
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Genetic parameter estimates for growth and form traits in common ash (Fraxinus excelsior, L.) in a breeding seedling orchard at Little Wittenham in EnglandMwase, Weston F.; Savill, Peter S.; Hemery, GabrielProgeny Trials2008AshNew Forests363225–238View
Performance of Twenty Four European Fraxinus excelsior Populations in Three Lithuanian Progeny Trials with a Special Emphasis on Resistance to Chalara fraxineaPliûra, Alfas; Lygis, Vaidotas; Suchockas, Vytautas; Bartkevičius, EdmundasProgeny Trials2011AshBaltic Forestry17117–34
Sixth year results from four ash (Fraxinus excelsior) breeding seedling orchardsSavill, P. S.; Spencer, R.; Roberts, J. E.; Hubert, J. D.Progeny Trials1999AshSilvae Genetica48292–100
Response of juvenile progeny of seven forest tree species and their populations to simulated climate change-related stressors, heat, elevated humidity and droughtPliûra, A; Jankauskiene, J; Lygis, V; Suchockas, V; Bajerkevičiene, G; Verbylaite, RProgeny Trials2018Ash, Birch, OakiForest113374-388View
Some Effects of Exposure and Frost on Selected Birch ProgeniesBlackburn, Paul; Brown, Ian R.Progeny Trials1988BirchForestry613219–234View
Potential for the improvement of silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.) in ScotlandMalcolm, D. C.; Worrell, R.Progeny Trials2001BirchForestry745439–453View
Influence of initial spacing and row‐to‐row distance on the crown and branch properties and taper of silver birch (betula pendula)Niemistö, PenttiProgeny Trials1995BirchScandinavian Journal of Forest Research104-Jan235–244View
Influence of initial spacing and row‐to‐row distance on the growth and yield of silver birch (betula pendula)Niemistö, PenttiProgeny Trials1995BirchScandinavian Journal of Forest Research104-Jan245–255View
Genetic parameters of growth and quality traits in open-pollinated silver birch progeny testsGailis, Arnis; Zeltiņš, Pauls; Purviņš, Andis; Augustovs, Juris; Vīndedzis, Valts; Zariņa, Inga; Jansons, ĀrisProgeny Trials2020BirchSilva Fennica5421-14View
Improvement of Betula pendula by clonal and progeny testing of phenotypically selected treesStener, Lars-Göran; Jansson, GunnarProgeny Trials2005BirchScandinavian Journal of Forest Research204292–303View
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